5 reasons why Brisbane has the best nightlife in Australia

Brisbane is one of the best places for night entertainment. As the night falls, the city’s streets become alive and the pumps up with the sound of live bands, nightclub beats and laughter. There are clubs, bars and restaurants on every block and it becomes hard to decide where to go.

Outdoor and rooftop bars

Brisbane has good weather the whole year. There are rooftop bars with concrete slab tables, tropical greenery, fresh and holiday feel to the whole atmosphere. You will find many young crowds gathered around, with cheap drinks and alternative music. The backyard feels like home.

Live music venues

There is a huge selection of live music in Brisbane every weekend. There are live music venues that act as a temporary home to many national and international acts. They have 300-capacity band room.

Dance clubs

Dance clubs are great places to dance. The crowd size is medium, so you can have comfortable space for dancing. Mostly university students are seen in these clubs. These dance clubs have multiple dance floors.

Cocktail bars

There are many unique bars that pop all around the town. There are some bars which has hundreds of whiskies from around the globe.

Alternative clubs

These clubs have live bands in a club atmosphere. The clubs are well decorated with gardens and crystal chandeliers. These are great places to dance and meet friends.

With so many attractions, Brisbane is a great place for night life. If you are confused where to go, you can go through many reviews and forums that are available online.

5 reasons why Brisbane has the best nightlife in Australia

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