4 Australian drinks you should try

Australians love alcohols. The bars are lined up with alcohols from all over the world. Drinking is a major part of the night life in Australia. If you are visiting Australia, then you must try these drinks. Even though most of these drinks are also found in other parts of the world, you won’t get the same taste that you will get in Australia.



It is a boxed wine. This is basically white wine mixed with some orange juice. Many people cannot tolerate the taste. At first, it might taste horrible, but later you will start to love it.



It is a special form of beer. Unlike normal beers, you can order it in the sizes of a Half Pint. So, even if you are not used to the taste, you can try Half Pint.



It is a mixture of Energy drink and an alcoholic shot. The presentation of the drink is fun. First the energy drink, especially Red Bull is brought in and then alcoholic shot is poured. It tastes great too.



This is served with a lime slice and some salt. The salt reduces the stingy burning sensation of the tequila and the sour taste of the lemon balances the flavor.

These four drinks are loved by Australians and those who visit Australia. The drinks are quite popular, so you can find them in most bars down the roadside.

4 Australian drinks you should try

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